Search Engine Optimization

We rank your website in all major search engines search engines.

SEO is at the core of digital marketing, and we have a team of SEO experts who can take care of this aspect of your business.
The amount of research and analytical skills put towards your SEO campaign determines the publicity your brand gets. SEO experts at Talk Australia have over 12 years of experience in SEO and have produced countless results for Australian businesses.
Researching the right keywords to target your market: This is the first step, where we discuss your business and identify the most typed keywords your audience is searching for.
Once the target is set, we create our campaign and our team puts in massive effort to produce great results.
You will get scheduled reports to check the progress of your campaign along the way.

Is it really that Important?

Why do I need more traffic to my website?

Social Media Services Sydney

In 2007, Apple Inc introduced the IPhone. Since then, smart phones, social media and apps have changed our world.
You simply can't live without them. So it is quite obvious you need to do SEO to make sure your business is seen on the internet by your target audience.

The real question is... How to get your SEO done right?

Getting SEO done for your business through an expert agency can do wonders, while getting it done through a self-proclaimed guru can hurt your brand as you will get penalized by search engines for not following the protocol.

Services for Your Business

Local SEO Services Sydney

Local map setup

If you are a small business, It is very important that you have a Local Business Center Set up with google. This makes it easier for Google to identify you and make your site visible to your audience.

keyword research sydney

Key word research

If you want to hit the bulls-eye, you need to know your target. Having the right keywords is the most basic part you need to get right. Talk Australia works with the latest tools and analytics to identify the right keywords for your campaign.

Web Ad-Words Services Sydney

Web Ad-words

We set up campaigns for search engine marketing with a lot of careful analysis and research to ensure you get the most value out of your campaign. Ask us how.

SEO - How do we do it ?

SEO Australia

1. Research - Targeting the Right Keywords

2. Content - Adding fresh, unique and specific content

3. Link - Building links to the site - on-page & off-page activities

4. Analytic - Working with numbers to see how things are really going

5. Updates - Keeping up with the numbers and targeting the right areas

6. Repeat - Do it all over again!

How it is done?

The perfect strategy to get more business for you.

We start by optimizing the content of your website by adding the right keywords and in the right quantity. Content overcrowded with targeted keywords can in turn get you penalized by search engines, so meaningful content with appropriate usage of these keywords is the best content optimization. Apart from this, it is extremely important that you add the right meta description to all the pages of your website.

This is all internal work; next we come down to external submissions. To market well, you need to publicize in other places as well. As part of our SEO strategy, we do the following work for a better presence on the web:

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